Online Mediation and its Link to Achieving SDG 2 by 2c030: Zero Hunger

Author: Dr. Alberto Elisavetsky

The relationship between online mediation and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 2 for the year 2030, which relates to "Zero Hunger," is significant.

Online mediation can play a crucial role in promoting food security and sustainable agriculture, directly contributing to the achievement of this SDG.

Here are some ways they relate:

  • Conflict resolution in the food supply chain: Online mediation can be used to resolve disputes among different actors in the food supply chain, such as farmers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. By reducing conflicts and ensuring smoother food trade, it promotes stability in food production and supply.
  • Access to agricultural resources: Online mediation can help rural communities resolve disputes over land tenure and access to natural resources such as water and farmland. This is essential to ensure that farmers have access to the resources needed for sustainable food cultivation.
  • Promoting cooperation: Online mediation can promote cooperation among different stakeholders, including governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses, to collaboratively address food security challenges.
  • Education and training: Online mediation can be used to provide training and education to farmers and rural communities on sustainable agricultural practices, contributing to more efficient and sustainable food production.

In summary, online mediation can play a pivotal role in achieving SDG 2 by promoting food security, sustainable agriculture, and resolving conflicts in the food supply chain, which, in turn, helps reduce hunger and malnutrition worldwide by 2030.

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